Love is often the most challenging aspect of our lives. In this session, we focus on matters of the heart – Whether it’s a Soulmate or Twin Flame. The goal of the reading is to bring clarity about what’s best for your soul. Is this soul here to support your life themes or challenge them?

The Twin Flame journey is one of the hardest connections to bring balance too. The divine union of the masculine and feminine is a powerful connection based on unconditional love. Navigating this journey can bring many challenges. I’m here to help get you out of the runner/chaser dynamic or bring balance to the connection. I help you see the journey you are meant to take with this soul. I help you tap into your own gifts so you can also navigate this in the future.

We don’t share every lifetime with our Twin Flame, and that’s ok! We need soulmates to come in and teach us lessons our Twins simply can’t. That includes Karmic soulmates, or as I lovingly refer to them as Wrecking Ball Soulmates. Many Soulmates can cross our path in a lifetime. Sometimes it’s a lifetime union. Sometimes it’s a short love affair. There is always a soul contract involved with these connections and a lesson to be learned.

This reading is a 30-minute Zoom call. I ask that you come with an open heart filled with love and a willingness to make changes.


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