In this reading, I will open your Akashic records, which contains all your soul knowledge. I work directly with your guides to best facilitate the healing that is needed for you at this moment. When we are blocked by past life energy, or trauma from this lifetime it can disrupt the flow of our soul. Working with guides gives me a unique ability to heal what is most troubling you at this moment in your life. I found that there are so many different ways for someone to obtain the knowledge specific for their soul’s journey, being an empath allows me to connect with the emotions you are feeling and which path is best suited for your healing. Your guides lead me through this, and I transform the light around you to ground you and heal you from the blockages that are standing in your way.

I want you to shine from the inside out! To finally have that moment where you don’t feel lost, but have a purpose, and live in the light. No need for the darkness to follow you around anymore my friend,  let’s find the best path for you to grow and be the Brilliant soul that you are.

This reading is 45 minutes done through Video, or whichever method most suits you. I ask that you come with love in your heart and allow your soul to create change.


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