Knowing your life themes gives you direction about the challenges you will face going forward. We often wonder if there is a rhyme or rhythm to life. There most certainly is. After thousands of readings, I noticed something about the soul contracts that we have with each other. Specific themes started to emerge. Patterns we follow as souls to keep pushing us forward and growing.

All the challenges that we faced in life and the kinds of soulmates that crossed our path were connected.

My guides provided me with a clearer picture of what these themes are through all the channeled readings. Why do some people seem to breeze through areas of love while others struggle the whole time? Why do others succeed in careers while some never find their footing? Why would we do that? Why would we have some aspects of our lives that were so much harder than others? It came down to the kinds of life themes that we were focusing on.

In this powerful session, we focus on what life themes you have chosen. We go through the challenges each theme can present and how best to navigate them. We will look at the soul contracts that are here to support those life themes or challenge them. This is a very intense session that gives you a very clear understanding of how to move forward.

Let’s find out where your journey as a soul is taking you.


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