This is a valuable way to gain insights into the questions that you can feel your soul asking. I communicate with your guides-Guides are souls that you have spent other lifetimes with. Sometimes they are in a lifetime with you and sometimes they are guiding you, these are your Soulmates or sometimes Twin Flame. I open your Akashic records as well – This is where your collective knowledge as a soul is contained. These things help me answer the questions that you have. The more specific a question, the better it is. I find things progress quicker the more direct you are. Which topic you wish to discuss is up to you. I want you to have the clarity so that you can make the best decision for your soul to grow.

The messages and impressions I receive come from a place of light and love. I have faith in my ability to obtain the correct information from the guides around me. I often wonder if we fear the answers or the unknown…..? The answer gives you freedom, to live and be yourself. The fear cripples you and stops you from genuinely shining, knowing yourself and who you were meant to be. I want everyone to be able to shine, to feel confident. Knowledge will give you the power and confidence you need to choose the right path.

The readings are conducted through either Skype or Facebook; I’m flexible on which you would prefer. Choose the amount of time that works best for you, and we can schedule something.


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