As we pass through each lifetime we connect with beautiful souls that help us learn valuable lessons on our path. Some of these relationships carry Karmic energy with them. These Karmic relationships can affect the way we function in this lifetime. There are things your soul remembers, that can influence the way you are dealing with love, and relationship emotions. Clearing these blocks can help open your heart to the divine unconditional state of love, that we are all trying to achieve.

I work directly with your guides and being an empath; I can connect to your emotional state to best help remove blockages and cut cords remaining from past lives. I work closely with you to see where the emotional blocks are coming from in this lifetime, that is getting in the way of you truly being able to find the love that you have dreamed for yourself. Everyone deserves a fairy tale ending. Allow yourself that gift.

This reading is a 30-minute Video call, or whichever method you prefer. I ask that you come with an open heart filled with love and a willingness to allow your soul to make changes.


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