What’s Your Soul Color?

Soul color is defined as a color that strongly resonates with our soul. Each soul on this planet has a color associated or linked with it. Let’s find out what your soul color is.

Everything is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light, and color. We are drawn to the colors needed to create balance and harmony in our lives.

Carl Jung, a renowned psychiatrist and proponent of art therapy, encouraged patients to use color – he felt this would help them express some of the deeper parts of their psyche. It’s thought that the color choices you make reflect a deeper meaning about your personality traits.

Famed psychic Edgar Cayce believed that the colors that surround us could tell him an aspect of that person, among other things.

How To Find Out Your Soul Color?

Ok – close your eyes and think of a color that you love. This color is ideally one of the seven different colors of the Chakras, which are the energy centers in our body. Now imagine that your soul is also surrounded by light in this color. You should feel the energy settle, and you feel peaceful. Your body will relax in the light of that color, and you will feel one with Universe. You will feel a total sense of calm. Try a few until you feel it settle and this is how you know your soul color.

Soul Color Chart

Red– Energy, strength, sexuality, passion, Root Chakra

Orange– Self-control, ambition, courage, thoughtfulness, Sacral Chakra

Yellow– Optimistic, happy, intellectual, friendly, Solar plexus chakra

Green– Peaceful, healing, compassion, creates balance, Heart chakra

Blue– Spiritual, loyal, creative, sensitive, kind, stable, trustworthy, Throat chakra

Indigo– Benevolence, highly intuitive, seeker, Third Eye Chakra

Violet– Highly spiritual, wisdom, intuition, Crown chakra

Pink– Love, sincerity, friendship

Grey– Depression, sadness, exhaustion, low energy, skepticism

Brown– Greed, self-self involvement, opinionated

Black– Lacking energy, illness, imminent death

White– perfect balance.


So did you find your soul color? I would love to hear what your soul color is, leave a comment below.

Much Love and Light…

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