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Who Are Your Soulmates?

I think there is this misunderstanding about who and what soulmates are.  Do we meet them and have epic romances and lifetimes of love?  Of course we do, but that’s not always the case.

We have 100’s of soulmates that we consider close, some closer than others.  We have souls that are in our inner circle, ones we have shared many incarnations with.  Other souls only a few but they are still our soulmates.  They can also act as our guides when we are in a lifetime, watching and making sure we stay on track to learn the lessons in the lifetime we have set out for ourselves.

Here are the Five Main kinds of Soulmates that we will have in a lifetime.

Platonic Soulmate 

These are souls that are lifelong friends, someone you would consider your person.  You just knew the minute you met they understand you on such a deep level; there is never need for explanation, they just get it on a level other connections in your life don’t.  You could be in contact every day and then not talk for a year and then pick right up.  If you have one in your life, you know what I mean.

You have family members that travel with you in lifetimes in this same kind of connection.  Your mother in this lifetime may have been your sister in another, your aunt now your son in this lifetime.  There is usually at least one soulmate family connection on a souls life chart.  

Karmic Soulmate

No one really wants to have one of these cross your path, but they do all the time. These souls you have karmic attachments, energetic ties, or psychic agreements with – meaning you chose this. They are essential because they are healing a Karmic pattern you are trying to break free from.  You choose these souls to challenge this so that you can break this cycle. 

The energy when they come together can be explosive and mind-blowing but often end in epic disaster.  You’ll recognize these souls because you will feel so attracted to them and this intense pull.  Then the ball drops and the Karmic connection opens up, and suddenly there is all this conflicting energy, They start to bother you on a deep level, but you are still pulled to them, it can be very frustrating and throw you totally off.  

Energy from past lives can bleed into your present one. Basically, it’s a mess.  They are very hard to manage and are often mistaken for a Twin Flame connection.  

There is also Platonic Karmic Soulmates which I’m sure some of you can recognize as some of your family members.  They tend to make your life miserable, everything with them is difficult, and it’s a lifetime fight to find yourself and learn to live away from their influence and scrutiny.

One Thing is for sure… if you set a Karmic  Soulmate connection on your chart, you are in for one big life lesson!

Companion Soulmate

These relationships are more traditional when we think of the idealized love of a soulmate connection.  These are the souls we have lifelong love connections with.  They are beautiful and filled with love and understanding.  They often come to a traditional union.  If you have one of these on your chart, you are one lucky soul!!! 

New Soul Connection

This soul connection is special; when this happens, we will make a call to their higher self for a mutually beneficial connection if possible.  Your soul is making a soul friend.  They are incredibly valuable, and we can shift a life path to connect more with a soul like this, to understand something in the lifetime that may have grabbed our attention.  That’s the beautiful thing about all these meetings they are fluid and forever changing as we move through life.  We are always in control of our destiny.

The Lover Soulmate

These souls are most often first loves or lovers that we share briefer encounters with. It can be a short relationship, an affair or an agreed unattached relationship.  The energy with them isn’t as explosive but more subtle.  They bring a light to our chart and shift us in a direction that we need to go.  We often leave on good terms with them and respect the connection and the lessons that were learned.  

There all kinds of soulmates waiting to connect with you in this lifetime.  Recognize which ones are here to bring Value to your life and which ones you have already learned the lesson from and can now walk away from.  

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” -Paulo Coelho

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