Spirit Communication: How do you know someone is trying to connect with you from the beyond?

Souls that have passed communicate with us in many ways, to let us know they are still with us. They want to help heal the wounds they have left behind. They leave signs that they are with us. Here are some of the most common I’ve found after many, many connections with spirit.

Common Forms of Spirit Communication

SPIRIT DREAMS- loved ones will visit in a dream to let us know that they have safely arrived on the other side.

SCENT- sometime you will smell their perfume or cologne they used to wear. (clairgustance).

ELECTRICAL DISRUPTION- this is a big one for me personally. Light often flickers in the house unexpectedly, or things just all of a sudden stop working.

PHONE RINGING- yes they literally are calling you. The phone might ring once, letting you know they are trying to send a message.

TOUCH- sometimes it feels as though they are reaching out, a sense that someone is touching you.

MUSIC- a perfectly timed song might come up that lets you know they are trying to communicate.

OBJECTS- they tend to move things or leave something in your path that has meaning for you.

SENSE- a lot of times you can feel like they are right by you as if they were still in the room with you. You can feel the presence of them.

They are trying to let you know that they are ok and still love you. Pay attention to what’s going on, and when you feel these things happen, remember it’s their loving spirit reaching out for you.

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