Twin Flame Mania – Who Are These Souls?

Over the last few years it seems like everyone is one this search for this epic Twin Flame connection.  Thinking when your Twin Flame arrives suddenly rainbows are going to appear and jelly beans are going to fall from the sky.  If they come together in full union then maybe…. there might be rainbows?  But I’m firm on the fact that there will be no jelly beans!

So Who Are These Epic Souls?  

Twin Flames are souls that have the same vibrational frequency as you do.  I mean exactly the same as you.  I often find it hard when I am reading a Twin Flame connection to pull the energy apart and really see the souls individually.  It took me years of practice.

Twins are energetically drawn to each other, they are the Ying to our Yang, the light to our dark, like two tuning forks that sing the same song.  They do not complete us since we are already complete.  They are here to help our souls discovery of itself, letting go completely of the ego to achieve a state of pure unconditional love. Sounds easy right? Feel free to roll your eyes at this point.

Do We Share Every Lifetime With Them?

We don’t share every incarnation together, in fact, we rarely connect with them in a lifetime but we are always connected with them.  If they are not in the lifetime with you,  then you can bet they are acting as one of your guides.  There is never a moment where we are in separation, at least our higher selves are never in separation.  In lifetimes it can vary between separation and union.  

What Makes A Twin Flame Connection So Hard?

Twin Flame connection run into a few challenges.  The whole point of the connection is to push each other so that you can grow and ascend to a higher consciousness.  In order to do that we have to challenge ourselves.  Often times I find that one twin has leveled up and now reflects that energy back at their twin and this is where it gets messy.  It throws them off and challenges us on a soul level, which most often makes us afraid and then we run.  The Other Twin is left wondering???? What the hell just happened???  

You can only show someone a truth, you can’t make them understand it until they are ready.  

There Is a whole runner/chaser dynamic that can play out in a lifetime or more commonly throughout lifetimes. I’m not going to lie here folks,  this is a tough road to have on your chart in a lifetime,  but it’s one of the most important lessons we have to learn.  Don’t get me wrong there is all kinds of magic in the connection!

Burning Question …. How Do I Sort This Out?

I always think people freak out a bit when I tell them the secret to bringing the connection together,  is to let it go completely. 

Yup you heard me right.  All this searching is something that happens when you are coming from a place of lack, you are wanting this to complete you in some way, it doesn’t work that way. You come together in full union,  when both of you can get your shit together, not a moment sooner. 

Holding Space To Attract Your Twin Flame

The more you love yourself in your entirety and truly understand unconditional love and live in that space, the Faster it all comes together.  The secret isn’t in finding them, the secret is loving them and holding space,  with no judgement and zero expectation on how it should unfold.  It will unfold in divine timing, they will cross your path the moment they are meant too.

“So ancient is the desire of one another which is implanted in us, reuniting our original nature, seeking to make one of two, and to heal the state of man.”  – Plato, Symposium

Get Twin Flame Ready

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