What kind of soul contract do you have with people?

I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but there is a point to all of this insanity.   We aren’t here all willy nilly, floating around just bumping into each other.  There is a reason we choose certain souls to connect with in a lifetime and not others; each soul is unique in their strengths as they grow and evolve through life and we call upon the soulmates that will bring the most value to our journeys.

Think of it this way:

Say you are going on a trip to Italy and you have never been.  You are all excited and you can’t figure out what to bring, where the best places are to visit, the list goes on…  Now do you ask your friend who lived in Italy for years, who speaks the language and who’s Nonna still lives there? Or do you ask the guy who runs the pizza shop that you’ve met maybe twice? You bring in the best of course! 

Oh and spoiler alert: 

We don’t have just one soulmate, we have many. 

So why do we put these people on our paths?

We have lifetimes where we have a certain theme to them.  Some lifetime are about self awakening, some lifetimes are about loss, lifetimes that are about learning unconditional love; there are many different life themes we have.  Each lifetime is specific and we do this so our souls can experience as many emotions, in as many different ways.  Then we can truly expand in our understanding of what unconditional love is because where there is true understanding, there is unconditional love.

Let’s say you have a lifetime that is centred around self worth, you would choose specific souls to come in and either support this for you, or challenge this for you. Maybe you had a soulmate that you loved blindly and the energy was so intense that when it came together, it was pure magic and when it came apart it was pure hell.  It made you reevaluate who you are. You might have felt worthless in those moments and that the whole relationship challenged that for you, which was the point.  You may have never felt loved in return and this new awareness sent you in a new direction, on a new path.

Soulmates come in to teach us the biggest life lessons and they don’t do it because they are punishing us, or we have bad luck, or we are cursed in some way. They do it because we have soul contracts with them.  We agreed before our lifetime that this was the lesson we wanted to learn. 

I’m sure like me, you have seriously wondered ‘why in the hell???’ you ever wrote some of this into your chart.  There are definitely a few soulmates I feel I could have done without; they rocked my world and brought me to my knees with grief. But I sure learned a whole lot about myself which has gotten me to this glorious moment in my life:

I wouldn’t be this person without those moments, without those soulmates.

How do you Identify the reason they are in your life?

This is a little trickier when our emotions get involved, but if you step back and look at your relationships, then you will see a pattern; are you the girl that always picks a guy that needs work? Are you the one in the relationship that is the problem solver and organizes everything, always in charge of moving things forward? 

There is a pattern that arises in our lives and when we recognize it, we can choose to allow it to continue, or we can break it.  Once the lesson is learned in a lifetime, then we stopped being challenged in this way and move to a different lesson that we had planned for ourselves.  Energy for new connections can come in to play. Like attracts like, that is a universal law, so once you stop following that life theme you can shift off that path. You no longer seek to learn this lesson and you no longer attract that energy.

If you are constantly having the same types of relationships, or the same types of connections that challenge you in the same way again and again, then you have to step back and look at the big picture and ask yourself:

What theme keeps playing out?  

You are going to need to get very real with yourself when you sit with this one.

What kind of connections would challenge that for you until you’ve learned it?

What soulmates have already challenged this for you?

There is a reason for this madness.  You didn’t choose these lessons because you are punishing yourself, you chose them because you are a brilliant soul who wants to grow and expand and experience every possible emotion.

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