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Why Is Life So Bloody Hard?

I get asked this question a lot! So I thought maybe a little imagery and explanation might bring a little clarity.

Before each lifetime we choose certain life themes. Life themes vary, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

Some life themes are harder than others, or that’s how it seems to us – if this is something we are also working on. As souls, we can only understand from our own perspective. The more we learn, the more perspective and understanding we have. Once we understand this, we can love unconditionally without ego. Sounds easy….Very, very hard to do.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Life Themes:

Self Worth – This is a tough one! We chose this as a theme to work through our own issues about ourselves. The lesson is in accepting yourself FULLY. You fully embody all that you are as a loving shining light in this world.

Healer – People chose this for many reasons, and it’s not a healer in the way you may think.  There are Doctors and Nurses that are healers; I’m more talking about a soul that is drawn to helping people. It’s something you just need to do. This life theme helps us genuinely understand compassion, pain suffering and the spectrums of the soul’s emotions.

Justice – These souls fight for the little guy, they are drawn to help with a cause, protect the ones they love fearlessly. They help bring light to an otherwise dark world by creating balance. The list goes on….

After connecting with so many people, I’ve noticed we seem to choose two or three main life themes. We can’t work on all of them in a lifetime, that would be too overwhelming to manage. We know what our souls are capable of before the lifetime. It might seem that it’s just impossible to move forward, but you chose the lessons for a reason. So when you are in those moments of doubt remember that you did it for a purpose, you did it because you could handle it, so you keep moving forward.

Now For The Big Question… How Do We Choose?

Self-Worth, Healer, Justice, Danielle Wray, Psychic Medium Danielle Wray,, filling up your cup, life themes


Imagine each of the three glasses of water representing one of the many life themes you could choose.

Self-worth is only half full – that’s first on your list! You would choose this because you still haven’t learned all the aspects of your soul. The Healer theme, you think… Yes, this still needs work as well. That Justice cup is almost full…so maybe I don’t need to work on that this lifetime.

You keep picking different life themes so that at the end all the cups are full.

Filling up all these cups, that’s what’s important! It’s not how much money you made – I have yet to see wealth as a life theme. It’s about unconditional love and knowledge. All these lifetimes allow us to learn something, to grow, so we have perspective and compassion for other souls journeys.

When you step back from your life and look at where you are challenged the most, you will see it’s often the same lesson over and over again. This is part of whatever theme you have chosen to challenge yourself. Once you recognize the pattern, you can take steps to change it. This way you don’t have to come back through again for the same lesson over and over again. Who wants that???

Ummm. No one!

Just remember, it’s not about what you have or don’t have. It’s about how you are progressing as a soul, with the challenges you set for yourself.

Ps… If you’d like to find out what your life themes are and explore the different growth opportunities available to you, consider booking a reading with me! I’d love to help you explore the possibilities, and magic life holds for you!

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