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How Can I Cut The Cords Of Attachment?

December 09, 20223 min read

How Can I Cut The Cords Of Attachment?

Imagine you are the blue cord, and all those other strings represent a cord of energy that you have formed with someone you have met.

Some cords are stronger than others. Like those between family and lovers. There are even cords of attachment between people that we briefly meet. There may be not as much energy in them, but it still exists.

If you are the blue cord, and one of them starts pulling. What happens next?

You become off-balance and begin to lose your center. Maybe the cord attached to your mother is pulling you one way, and that needy friend, you still help even though you shouldn’t, is pulling you the other way.

All these cords impact the way you move forward and function. Each of these cords contains all the history and emotions of your relationship. Often I see the cords have been formed in lifetimes previous to this, like with Soulmates or Twin Flames.

I just want you to stop and think about one important connection in your life, someone you feel is more than likely a soulmate of yours. Think about the ups and downs, the moments when you may have taken more than you have given, or vice versa. ALL that energy is stored in that connection. Loving energy, karmic energy the whole lot!

How do we heal these connections, so they have balance? How do we get a fresh start?

Cutting the cords of attachment and healing the karmic energy in them is the best way to give yourself a fresh start.

Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to erase all the trauma and hurt feelings. I’m not erasing your memories, I am healing them. What it will do is release that grip it can have on our hearts. That grip that keeps us stuck repeating the same lesson over and over. It releases the negative emotions attached to it.

That way, the next time you encounter the person in your life, it’s lighter without all the weight of years or even lifetimes of negative energy attached to it.

Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. That’s what I am doing I am transforming it.

How is that done?

With a little help from your guides and mine, I start to see the cords, then the images start flashing by of essential moments in your life. I can follow one cord of energy from lifetime to lifetime, healing the karmic energy along the way. Once I go through all of it, I cut the cords.

This doesn’t mean that the person is going to stop having feelings for you or it going to end the relationship. What it is going to do is give you a fresh start. All that love will still exist; it’s just all the negative energy that has been floating around for years or lifetimes has been transformed.

Who should do this? Well, in my opinion, everyone should seriously consider this. More specifically if you are

  • Stuck and not moving forward in a relationship.

  • Constant arguing and in conflict.

  • Having trouble getting over an ex-lover.

  • You feel negative emotions around someone you see regularly.

  • You feel completely drained when you are around a friend or family member.

  • Toxic family connections.

  • Abusive relationships.

Life is hard enough without negative or karmic energy holding you back.

Let me help transform the energy for you. I want you to move forward, feeling lighter — like you aren’t being pulled in a million directions. Let’s get that blue cord healthy and centered!!

If you would like a fresh start, check out my shop and book a healing. It’s time you get that new lease on life.

Danielle Wray

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