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Psychic Readings and Sessions

NEW: Written Readings

This is a wonderful choice if you are looking to have a specific question answered. Sometimes we only have one or two burning thoughts that need answering. I have completed thousands of written readings in my career from people all over the world. I find them such a fantastic way to connect with people on smaller matters. It’s also a great way to get to know the kind of person and reader I am before you commit to a larger one.

Meet Your Guides

Who are these amazing souls?? Each of us has spirit guides that are special just to us. We don't share them. They aren't passed loved ones. I mean, of course, passed loved ones come around too, but our guides are different. They are with us from the start of our lifetime to the end. They are part of our soul family. After 1000's of readings. I have noticed that we have anywhere from 2-6 guides. I can't wait for you to learn more about them. I mean, they are with you for this whole lifetime. It's time you guys are all friends!

Heart Centered Session

Love is often the most challenging aspect of our lives. In this session, we focus on matters of the heart.

Whether it’s a Soulmate or Twin Flame. The goal of the reading is to bring clarity about what’s best for your soul. Is this soul here to support your life themes or challenge them?

Clairity Reading + 1 FREE Question

Everyone has at least one "Clair" or psychic gift and understanding which one(s) you have will help you find direction and focus. ..

"Clair" senses, or "clear" senses, are psychic abilities that are go beyond the five physical senses that most people are familiar with (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching). Reading includes1 BONUS Question for FREE

Life Themes and Soul Contracts

Everyone has at least one "life theme" and understanding yours will help you find direction and focus for you on your unique path.

Knowing your life themes gives you direction about the challenges you will face going forward. We often wonder if there is a rhyme or rhythm to life. There most certainly is. After thousands of readings, I noticed something about the soul contracts that we have with each other. Specific themes started to emerge.

30 Minute Soul To Soul Reading

These wonderful sessions are here to bring clarity to specific aspects of your life.

We will look at the blocks holding you back from living your best life. I will focus on the patterns that have continually come up in this lifetime and past lifetimes. This lifetime is only a small portion of your journey. We look at your journey as a soul in its entirety to find the answers you need.

45 Minute Soul To Soul Reading

These wonderful sessions are here to bring clarity to specific aspects of your life.

We will look at the blocks holding you back from living your best life. I will focus on the patterns that have continually come up in this lifetime and past lifetimes. This lifetime is only a small portion of your journey. We look at your journey as a soul in its entirety to find the answers you need.

Energy Healing

These sessions are designed to work with energy centers in our bodies to allow the energy to flow in better harmony for better health.

These energy centers, which look like spinning wheels, called Chakras (meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit). They allow energy to flow from one part of the body to another. As with all things in our reality, they are linked to sound, light, and color.

Booking Details

All readings are scheduled by appointment. I know that some of you Lovely People may be on different sides of the world, so I try to work with you in those circumstances. I do my Reading with video but I’m happy to work with whatever you are comfortable with.

Privacy is something I take very seriously, so any information that you share with me stays with only me. Trust is very important in this work, and you have mine. I ask that you come to the session with love in your heart and a willingness to grow and change.

Learn More About Readings and Session Upgrades and Add On's

Session upgrades and add on's are available as an upgrade to any of my individual readings. You will see them offered a the time of purchase and can easily add them in order to enhance the energetic benefits included with each session.

Cord Cutting

Each time we meet someone, we form a cord of energy with them. In this cord are all the history and emotions of your relationship. These energetic cords can be from this lifetime or carried over from past lifetimes.

Cutting energetic cords doesn't mean that I am erasing all the emotions in the relationship. It means that I am releasing all the negative and karmic energy. Don't worry, I leave all the love. Think of this as a fresh start for your connection. This is something I highly recommend doing with family members and significant partnerships you've had in the past or are currently in.

Intuitive Opening

I love this healing!!! It's one of my favorites. For this, I work directly with your Spirit guides. We work primarily with your Crown and Third Eye Chakras. This is to deepen your connection with yourself and the universal knowledge waiting at your fingertips.

We work with your higher self to move your soul to a higher vibration. This way, the information will flow easier. The fewer roadblocks that are in place, the easier information comes through. This means your instincts are sharper. You can feel when something isn't for you or for someone else. You will be guided to make choices that align better with your soul's purpose. I mean, who doesn't want that??

Aura Clearing

The world is a big place full of a lot of different people. That means a lot of different energy coming at you. This is a great one for Empaths who tend to collect energy around them.

For this, I am clearing away the energy in your Aura's Etheric Layer. I clear the negative energy that leaves you feeling exhausted and heavy. This will leave you feeling light as air, ready to start the day. This feels like waking up from the best sleep ever. Fully refreshed.

Karmic Release

You've lived a big life already, but don't forget about all the ones you had before this. Some of the same struggles, others much harder. Loss, struggle, and heartbreak. This energy accumulates over lifetimes. It creates challenges that don't need to be there.

Relating Karmic energy from past lifetimes allows you to sit with the energy of just this lifetime. Think about it like leaving ALL your baggage behind.

I work with your guides to identify the lifetimes creating the biggest issues for you and release the karmic energy around them. This will help you feel focused about this lifetime and let go of some of the fears holding you back.

House Protection

Please click the button below for more information about this service and I will reach out to you personally.

It's individualized since the protection or clearing of your house will differ from soul to soul.

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