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How Do I Know It’s A Soulmate?

December 16, 20223 min read

“How do I know I have met a Soulmate, and what is the lesson attached to it?”

People ask me this all the time.

“How am I going to know it’s a soulmate?”

It would be nice if they came with neon signs, but unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Our souls remember everything that we have experienced. Somewhere in you is the answer. When we met a soulmate, there is a recognition on some level. Even if your conscious mind isn’t on board yet, your subconscious mind knows what’s up.

They affect us differently. A lot of times, it’s unsettling. Ya, I said it.

People talk about soulmate meetings like it’s a fairy tale. Like glitter starts falling from the sky, and time stops. Does that happen? Yes, it does. Ok, maybe not the glitter part, but most of the time, it’s unsettling.

They can make us feel insecure and bring up feelings of being unworthy of love. Sometimes you have this overwhelming sense of nervousness.

Soulmates cross our path because we have a specific life lesson with them – a soul contract. We can have many soulmates cross our path.

They can show up as lovers, friends, or family. A soulmate is a soul that has a significant impact on your life. They shift the way you think
and see yourself – good or bad.

In all my years of readings, I have never come across someone’s first love that wasn’t a soulmate. First loves are always a biggie and usually come with a massive lesson about ourselves. It all depends on what lessons you wanted to learn.

Before any lifetime, we choose specific life themes that we want to work through. It’s usually two or three. Then we pick soulmates that
are going to either support those life themes or challenge them. We need both to keep moving forward.

I don’t know about you, but life is full of hard lessons, and often times our soulmates are the ones teaching them to us. Just because they broke your heart doesn’t automatically mean they are a Karmic soulmate either. I feel people confuse that.

When you meet a soulmate, you can figure out what the lesson is attached to it. If you think about the feeling you had at the initial connection, it’s very telling how it will unfold.

If you felt safe and calm, chances are you have a soulmate that is here to support a life theme.  If you feel unsettled and confused, but you just can’t stop yourself from connecting with them, chances are you are about to learn a difficult lesson about yourself.

I know it sucks to have your heart broken or be let down by someone. TRUST me, I get this. We all learn more from the challenging moments in our lives.

I don’t remember my high school graduation. I mean, I went, and I remember it was boring. This should have been a major accomplishment in my life. What I do remember is my long time boyfriend broke up with me right before prom and took another girl. Man, that burned. I remember it in detail all these years later. I can see the room; I remember what it smelled like. I can see them sitting together.

Why would we choose to have our hearts broken? Because we can’t learn if we don’t understand the pain. I learned so much about myself
from that experience. Heartbreak or not, it was a necessary step to get me to where I am now. All the heartbreak and tears helped me
understand myself. How I want to be loved and how I want to hold space in this world.

Not gonna lie; I feel pretty awesome about myself. It’s a journey, and no one gets a free pass. It all depends on what you do with what you have learned.

Still need clarity about a soulmate connection? Not to worry, I got you. This is my specialty. Let’s set something up and end all the

Danielle Wray

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