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Twin Flame: Who’s Chasing Whom? When Does The Cycle End?

December 15, 20222 min read

When Does The Cycle End???

The twin flame connection is thought to be the reunion of two “souls” split from a single source; they are always searching for each other until they are ready to connect. We don’t share every lifetime with them, and we come together in divine timing. Twin Flames are not to be confused with fated love or soul-mate type relationships.

Soul-mates have more to do more with choice, love, and lust.

Twin Flames have-to-do with fate, and the spiritual awakening simultaneously, and not orchestrated by choice or free will. It’s designed as a learning/teaching relationship. There is this dynamic that plays out between Twins, which causes all kinds of heartache. More commonly referred to as Runner and Chaser Phase of the union.

Commonly one twin (usually the masculine energy) will break the connection and then just disappear, sometimes without a word. They can be confused by the relationship and feel overwhelmed and unworthy of it. There is a struggle to understand the intensity of the connection, and the instinct is to run and shut down, even if they are only running from themselves.

This leaves the other Twin feeling abandoned, broken, and struggling with issues of self-worth. You can imagine how much fun that is? This dynamic can change as well; the roles can switch. The once runner now become the chaser…… and the fun keeps on coming!

It can go on for years or even lifetimes. It’s part of the journey, an important one at that! We need to grow through these moments, so we can resolve the ego that is attached to those feelings. There will come a stage when the ego is no longer strong enough to have control, and the higher self will take over the steering, then they can come together in union.

How do we break this cycle?

Let the connection go!

Stop the Runner and Chaser dynamic; it will find you again when it’s meant to. I know that feels scary, but it won’t work if you stay in this constant loop. You can’t make someone show up for you if they aren’t ready or willing. You also can’t put yourself out there for someone who doesn’t value the connection. This was written in the stars after all. It’s in the separation that we have the most personal growth about ourselves and how to move forward.

The point of all this is to move to space with nothing but pure unconditional love in your heart. When you call pure love with the only intention to raise your vibration, for the sake of your growth, then this energy ripples to your twin and automatically raises their vibration.

Heal yourself first!

If it’s meant for us, It will find us.

Danielle Wray

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