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Life Themes & Soul Contracts Reading + Energy Healing + Intuitive Opening + Automatic Writing Lifetime Membership + The Clairity Zone Lifetime Membership + Surprise Bonus

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Life is full of questions, here's how to discover some answers.

What's Included

Life Themes and Soul Contracts Reading

Everyone has at least one "life theme" and understanding yours will help you find direction and focus for you on your unique path.

Knowing your life themes gives you direction about the challenges you will face going forward. We often wonder if there is a rhyme or rhythm to life. There most certainly is. After thousands of readings, I noticed something about the soul contracts that we have with each other. Specific themes started to emerge.

Energy Healing sessions

are designed to work with energy centers in our bodies to allow the energy to flow in better harmony for better health. These energy centers, which look like spinning wheels, called Chakras (meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit). They allow energy to flow from one part of the body to another. As with all things in our reality, they are linked to sound, light, and color.

Intuitive Opening

I love this healing!!! It's one of my favorites. For this, I work directly with your Spirit guides. We work primarily with your Crown and Third Eye Chakras. This is to deepen your connection with yourself and the universal knowledge waiting at your fingertips.

We work with your higher self to move your soul to a higher vibration. This way, the information will flow easier. The fewer roadblocks that are in place, the easier information comes through. This means your instincts are sharper. You can feel when something isn't for you or for someone else. You will be guided to make choices that align better with your soul's purpose. I mean, who doesn't want that??

Automatic Writing

Gain easy access to your subconscious mind and soul guides. This daily practice gives you answers and can help by revealing thoughts, feelings, and insights that might not be apparent in daily conscious thinking. Automatic writing is a great way to tap into these resouces.

Consistent practice deepens the benefits, making it easier over time to tap into this wisdom, enhancing clarity and understanding in one's life. It's like any other skill—the more you do it, the better you get. By incorporating automatic writing into a daily routine, it becomes a transformative tool for personal growth and spiritual connection.

The Clairity Zone: Discover, Develop, and Master Your Psychic Gifts

Everyone has at least one "Clair" or psychic gift and understanding which one(s) you have will help you find direction and focus. .. These "Clair" senses, or "clear" senses, are psychic abilities that are go beyond the five physical senses that most people are familiar with (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching).

Unravel the secrets of your psychic Clair gifts, master their potential, and delight in a surprise bonus that amplifies your journey to psychic mastery. Daily practice and interaction with these senses can lead to their continual refinement and strength. Like a muscle, the more you engage and train your clair senses, the more pronounced and reliable they become. Incorporating them into your daily routine ensures that you're constantly aligned with your spiritual path, receiving daily guidance, and evolving in your spiritual journey.

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