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Experience heartfelt transformation and renew the spirit of love in your life.

Introducing the "Get Heart Healthy" Bundle – your gateway to profound heart-centered clarity, healing, and intuitive power. Priced at a special $299 $149, this exclusive bundle offers a comprehensive approach to nurturing matters of the heart, whether it’s finding peace in love, healing from past wounds, or understanding complex relationships.

About The "Get Heart Healthy Bundle"

Welcome to a journey of heartful transformation with our "Get Heart Healthy" Bundle.

Love, often the most intricate and challenging aspect of our lives, requires not just understanding but deep spiritual insight and healing. This bundle is your key to unlocking that insight.

What's Included in the Bundle?

Heart Centered Reading: Dive deep into the realms of love, be it a soulmate connection or the profound journey with a Twin Flame. Our readings aim to bring not just clarity but also guidance aligned with your soul's purpose. Understand if your connections are meant to support or challenge your life's themes, and navigate your path to love with newfound clarity.

Energy Healing Session: Experience a rejuvenating session that works with the Chakras, your body's energy centers. These sessions are designed to harmonize your energy flow, promoting better health, emotional balance, and spiritual well-being. Immerse yourself in this healing process as we align your Chakras with sound, light, and color therapy, enhancing your overall vibrational frequency.

Intuitive Opening: Unlock your inner intuitive powers, opening doors to deeper self-understanding and spiritual awareness. This part of the bundle helps you tune in to your inner voice, guiding you towards a more fulfilling and heart-centered life. For the intuitive opening, I work directly with your Spirit guides. We work primarily with your Crown and Third Eye Chakras. This is to deepen your connection with yourself and the universal knowledge waiting at your fingertips.

We work with your higher self to move your soul to a higher vibration. This way, the information will flow easier. The fewer roadblocks that are in place, the easier information comes through. This means your instincts are sharper. You can feel when something isn't for you or for someone else. You will be guided to make choices that align better with your soul's purpose. I mean, who doesn't want that??

Surprise Bonus!: We’ve also included a special surprise bonus to enhance your journey towards a healthier heart and soul.

Why Choose the Get Heart Healthy Bundle?

In this special bundle, each element is carefully chosen to address different aspects of heart health - from emotional healing to spiritual understanding. It’s more than just a reading or a healing session; it’s a comprehensive approach to transforming your heart's health.

Embrace this opportunity to turn the tides of love and life in your favor. Click below to access the "Get Heart Healthy" Bundle and embark on your journey to a more loving, harmonious, and spiritually aligned life.

Love is the essence of existence. It's time to heal, understand, and embrace it in its fullest, most beautiful form.

Wondering what’s going to happen once you push that little button?

Let me tell you…

First, you are on your way to making a real change in your life, either finding clarity or healing blocks. That’s always a good thing!

Once you finish purchasing the Reading, you will magically be whisked off to the land of Scheduling. Here you may choose what day and time work best for you. Then tadaa we are all set!

Don’t worry I will reach out to you before the reading to make sure we are connected before the scheduled time.

Then The Real Magic Begins!

Booking Details

All readings are scheduled by appointment. I know that some of you Lovely People may be on different sides of the world, so I try to work with you in those circumstances. I do my Reading with video but I’m happy to work with whatever you are comfortable with.

Privacy is something I take very seriously, so any information that you share with me stays with only me. Trust is very important in this work, and you have mine. I ask that you come to the session with love in your heart and a willingness to grow and change.

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