Spiritual Guidance

Unlock the Universe: Meet Your Guides & Master the Message!

Discover a deeper connection to the universe when you pair the Meet Your Spirit Guides reading with our Automatic Writing course. Meet your guides and access the wisdom that has been with you since birth. Pair this connection with our 'Automatic Writing' course, and you'll harness the power to channel these newfound connections, allowing for daily insights, inner guidance, and profound personal revelations.

About The "Spiritual Guidance Bundle"

Welcome to Your Spirit Guides Reading and Spiritual Guidance through Automatic Writing

Meet Your Guides Reading

Who are these amazing souls?? Each of us has spirit guides that are special just to us. We don't share them. They aren't passed loved ones. I mean, of course, passed loved ones come around too, but our guides are different. They are with us from the start of our lifetime to the end. They are part of our soul family. After 1000's of readings. I have noticed that we have anywhere from 2-6 guides. Of course, there are exceptions, but that is the average. These guides are the ones I am most often communicating with during your readings. Since I can see them and hear them, it makes it so much fun to connect with them.

In this reading, I will tell you who your guides are and what they look like. I will go over the connection you have had with them in other lifetimes and explain those lifetimes to you. This reading gives you a chance to get to know your guides. This way, when you are in meditation or practicing Automatic writing, you feel a deeper connection to them.

I can't wait for you to learn more about them. I mean, they are with you for this whole lifetime. It's time you guys are all friends!

Automatic Writing

Our guides and spirit talk to us in ways that resonate with us. They aren't trying to make it complicated. So let's uncomplicated things. Automatic writing is a great tool to help you achieve this connection. Its use and possibilities are endless. Once you make the connection, you can move on to other ways you want to hold space with your guides.

Surprise Bonus

We have also included a surprise bonus in this bundle that will enhance the reading and automatic writing practice!

Combine all 3 for the ultimate spiritual guidance bundle!

Wondering what’s going to happen once you push that little button?

Let me tell you…

First, you are on your way to making a real change in your life, either finding clarity or healing blocks. That’s always a good thing!

Once you finish purchasing the Reading, you will magically be whisked off to the land of Scheduling. Here you may choose what day and time work best for you. Then tadaa we are all set!

Don’t worry I will reach out to you before the reading to make sure we are connected before the scheduled time.

Then The Real Magic Begins!

Booking Details

All readings are scheduled by appointment. I know that some of you Lovely People may be on different sides of the world, so I try to work with you in those circumstances. I do my Reading with video but I’m happy to work with whatever you are comfortable with.

Privacy is something I take very seriously, so any information that you share with me stays with only me. Trust is very important in this work, and you have mine. I ask that you come to the session with love in your heart and a willingness to grow and change.

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